Meetings and Programs

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MeetingLocationMinutes (in Docs Rx)
Fall 2021Online via ZoomMeeting will be Nov. 19, 2021
Treas. Report
Spring 2021Online via ZoomMinutes
(See Fall 2020 minutes for Treas. Report)
Fall 2020Online via ZoomMinutes
Treas. Report
Spring 2020Online via ZoomMinutes
Fall 2019State Library of Ohio 
Spring 2019State Library of OhioPending Approval
Fall 2018State Library of OhioMinutes
Spring 2018State Library of OhioMinutes
Fall 2017State Library of OhioMinutes
Spring 2017State Library of OhioPending approval
Treas. Rpt.
Spring 2016State Library of OhioIssue 86
Treas. Rpt.
Fall 2015Ohio Wesleyan University Issue 84
Treas. Rpt.
Spring 2015State Library of Ohio Published Separately
Fall 2014Denison University Issue 82
Spring 2014Ohio Attorney General’s Office Published Separately
Fall 2013State Library of Ohio Published Separately
Spring 2013State Library of Ohio Published Separately
Fall 2012Miami UniversityPublished Separately
Spring 2012State Library of OhioPublished Separately
Fall 2011Case Western Reserve University School of LawIssue 76
Spring 2011State Library of OhioPublished separately
Fall 2010Muskingum Universityin issue 74
Spring 2010State Library of Ohioin issue 73
Fall 2009Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve Universityin issue 72
Spring 2009State Library of Ohioin issue 71
Fall 2008Ohio Universityin issue 70
Spring 2008State Library of Ohioin issue 69
Fall 2007The College of Woosterin issue 68
Spring 2007State Library of Ohioin issue 67
Fall 2006State Library of Ohioin issue 66
Spring 2006Toledo-Lucas County Public Libraryin issue 64
Fall 2005Ohio Wesleyan Universityin issue 63
Spring 2005State Library of Ohioin issue 62
Fall 2004University of Cincinnatiin issue 61
Spring 2004State Library of Ohioin issue 60
Fall 2003Wright State Universityin issue 59
Spring 2003State Library of Ohioin issue 58
Fall 2002Cleveland Public Libraryin issue 57
Spring 2002State Library of Ohioin issue 56
Fall 2001Bowling Green State Universityin issue 55
Spring 2001State Library of Ohioin issue 54
Fall 2000Dayton & Montgomery County Public Libraryin issue 53
Spring 2000State Library of Ohioin issue 52
Fall 1999Hiram Collegein issue 51
Spring 1999Denison Universityin issue 50
Fall 1998Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton Countyin issue 49
Spring 1998Cleveland State Universityin issue 47
Fall 1997Bowling Green State Universityin issue 46
Spring 1997University of Dayton
Fall 1996Case Western Reserve Universityin issue 44/45
Spring 1996Hiram Collegein issue 43 (Minutes only)
Fall 1995Denison Universityin issue 41 (Minutes only)
Spring 1995Ashland Community College (KY)in issue 39 (Minutes only)
Fall 1994Wright State Universityin issue 35 (Minutes only)
Spring 1994Ohio State University, Law Library
Fall 1993Mount Union Collegein issue 33
Spring 1993Denison Universityin issue 31
Fall 1992University of Toledoin issue 29
Spring 1992Ohio Wesleyan Universityin issue 27
Fall 1991Case Western Reserve Universityin issue 25
Spring 1991Columbus Metropolitan Libraryin issue 23
Fall 1990Denison Universityin issue 21
Spring 1990Ohio State Universityin issue 19
Fall 1989Bowling Green State Universityin issue 17
Spring 1989Kenyon Collegein issue 15 (Minutes only)
Fall 1988University of Cincinnatiin issue 13 (Minutes only)
Spring 1988State Library of Ohioin issue 11 (Minutes only)
Fall 1987The College of Woosterin issue 10
Spring 1987Denison Universityin issue 8
Fall 1986University of Akron
Spring 1986Ohio State Universityin issue 6
Fall 1985University of Toledoin issue 4
Spring 1985Worthington Public Libraryin issue 3
Fall 1984Miami University— (Minutes only)
Spring 1984Dennison University— (Minutes only)
Fall 1983Toledo-Lucas County Public Library— (Minutes only)
Spring 1983Public Library of Columbus & Franklin County
Fall 1982University of Akron
Spring 1982State Library of Ohio— (Minutes only)
Fall 1981State Library of Ohio
Meeting Calendars for Other Organizations

Depository librarians may also be interested in attending meetings sponsored by the following organizations:


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