Fall 2017 Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Fall GODORT of Ohio Meeting

State Library of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio
November 3, 2017

(To be presented for approval at the Spring 2018 meeting)

In attendance:
Sarah Dobransky, Roger Kosson, Kirsten Krumsee, Carol Ottolenghi , SaraJean Petite, Allen Reichert, Mary Ann Reis, Ella Shurr.


Part 1: FDLP Meeting Discussion

The GPO Director asked the Depository Library Council for recommendations for changes to Title 44, Chapter 19. Some of the proposed changes included:

  • Eliminating the requirement that depository libraries have 10K books in their collections
  • Allowing selective depositories without regional depositories to weed
  • Allowing regional depositories to serve selective depositories outside of their states
  • Giving GPO grant-making authority for projects such as digitization of collections.

On October 31, 2017, the GPO Director resigned. The Depository community is concerned about what this means for the future of government information.

GODORT of Ohio is moving towards an advocacy role

  • Kirsten Krumsee will distribute the bill to Ohio Libraries when it is released.
  • Sarah Dobransky is collecting information about the impact government documents have on the public. She would like GODORT of Ohio members to send her information about how patrons use this information.
  • Carol Ottolenghi is seeking a co-author for an article for AALL Spectrum.
  • Academic Librarians should talk to faculty at their institutions.
  • Those with contacts in veterans affairs, public welfare, and immigration advocacy should make the contacts aware of the importance of government information.

Part 2: Ohio Q&A

Mary Ann asked about disaster planning. Kirsten said that Ohio is one of the few states that is not in a high-risk disaster zone, and SLO is sending duplicate materials to help hurricane-affected libraries rebuild their collections.

Kirsten said that FDLP Exchange will help when it goes live, and Ohio will be participating, but GPO is still in the process of finding a host for FDLP Exchange.

Until FDLP Exchange goes live, Ohio libraries should continue to use the current Needs and Offers disposal procedures. Kirsten said that the State Library is looking for materials with library bindings, so libraries disposing of library-bound materials should let her know. SLO also wants WPA and War Department material.

FDLP is looking for preservation stewards. Sarah said that Cleveland Public Library would like to digitize War Department materials.

Carol Ottolenghi distributed CD-ROMs containing PDFs of the Ohio Oil and Gas Commission Appeals, numbers 1 to 940. Her office scanned these materials because they are difficult to obtain and they wanted these materials to be publicly available. Libraries are encouraged to mount these on servers and make them available. Kirsten said the State Library would perform original cataloging. Sarah said that Cleveland Public Library might be willing to host.

Part 3: Using Government Documents to Enhance your NHD Search
Sarah Dobransky gave the group a helpful and interesting program about how students preparing for National History Day could use government information. Sarah’s Powerpoint is available here.

Business Meeting

SaraJean Petite presented the minutes from the Spring 2017 meeting. The minutes were approved.  SaraJean said that the current balance in the organization’s account was $3658.00. This included a $160 deposit for spring dues and a $120 withdrawal for lunch at the spring meeting.

There were several motions to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned.


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