Secretary / Treasurer Report Fall 2020

Treasurer Report

Previous balance was $3211.72. There were no income or expenses, so the balance remains the same.

Minutes from Fall 2020


Peter Thayer gave a presentation about the rationale behind Census race categories.

Business Meeting

  1. Secretary / Treasurer Report: The minutes and treasurer report were approved.
  2. Report from the State Library: Everyone needs to be on the listserv. There were people not signed up, so Elissa added the people. It is likely that people are not on it because there were staffing changes and people didn’t sign up for the list. The BGSU Depository Directory has been decommissioned. The State Library has a link to the regular FDLP directory on its website. [Update Spring 2021 meeting: Allen said that the directory had moved to Otterbein.] See Docs Prescriptions for additional updates.
  3. Website: SaraJean will update it to add FDLP directory link. Officers should send SJ their WordPress account information.
  4. Meeting Attendance: We need to give people more lead time. We need to archive the meeting recordings on our website so people can view them later. To promote our organization, we should put “conference presentation” list on our website.
  5. FDLP Meeting: SaraJean provided a link to the poster presentation she gave at the meeting.
  6. Need a Candidate for Program Chair: Hannah says we need a call for nominations via email, do election via webform. Might need policy for electronic meeting – bylaws

Next Meeting:

  • May 14, 2021 (via Zoom)
  • Elissa will reach out to people so they know about the meeting.
  • Peter wants to get people to get to know each other


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