Meeting Minutes Spring 2021

In attendance:

Susan Ashby Jenn Bleier, Michael Christian-Budd, C. Clark, Sarah Dobransky, Yiming Guo, Elissa Lawrence, Hannah E. Pearson, SaraJean Petite, Allen Reichert, Mary Reis, Ella Shurr, Peter Thayer, Sarah Thomas, Deb Thompson, Janet Vogel

Business Meeting

1. Report from the State Library: The State Library staff is still working from home. There is possible news about returning to the library and opening to patrons, but they are not announcing the dates yet. They are not hosting meetings until 2022. They are still catching up after the COVID closures.

3. BGSU LibGuide: Allen said BGSU libguide moved to Otterbein (, but it’s outdated. Elissa and Allen will look into updating it.

2. Secretary / Treasurer Report: Those in attendance approved the treasurer’s report. Mary approved to approve the minutes with corrections. Susan Ashby seconded the motion. The minutes were approved via a vote in Zoom chat.

4. Newsletter Editor Report: Hannah would like to publish Docs Prescription after the meeting to give an update for people who were not at the meeting.

5. Listserv: Elissa reminded new people to sign up for the listserv.

6. Dues: Send dues to SaraJean Petite (P.O. Box 161172, Rocky River, OH 44116), and she will email a receipt. Sarah Dobransky suggested looking in to Zell for online payment. The question was asked about what our expenses are. They are the website, the Secretary of State Registration, and (when we have meetings) food for the meetings.

7. Fall plans

  • Marietta: In person with masks and social distancing. Just got go-ahead to take down signs directing people how to enter/exit buildings. Outdoor mask mandate only if with people. In good shape.
  • OSU: Social distancing, masks indoors, fall class in person.
  • CWRU: July 1 full staffing, fall in person. Vaccines, weekly tests,
  • CPL: Patrons allowed in. NO limits at main; branches has limits. Introducing covid tests from governor, vaccine codes for Wolstein. Masks required, including outdoor programming, lots of tax questions. Gov Docs archive might be moved.
  • At Rio we have been back in person since July 2020, and we still doing masks and social distancing.
  • Otterbein: Similar to others. Still aren’t open to the public though. Probably in the fall

8. Ohio Federal Depository Library Coordinator Survey: Peter did a PowerPoint for the members, and he will be doing a summary for Docs Prescriptions. Hannah asked about the mentoring program. Mary suggested we reach out to retirees, and perhaps start a chat room. Someone made the suggestion that we have an “Expertise N&O” where people can indicate what they need help with.

9. Election of officers: SaraJean nominated Hannah for Program Chair / President Elect. Mary and Elissa seconded the nomination, and Hannah was elected via Zoom poll.

10. Fall meeting: The Fall meeting will be online. Stay tuned for details.

10. Adjourn: SaraJean moved the meeting be adjourned, Mary seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.


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