Fall 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Fall 2018 GODORT of Ohio Business Meeting

State Library of Ohio

November 16, 2018

I. Treasurer Report and Minutes from previous meeting

Kirstin pointed out that her name was misspelled.  Mary’s last name was also misspelled. Mary moved that the minutes be approved with corrections. Allen seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Mary moved that the treasurer report be approved. Akram seconded the motion.

The treasurer report was approved.

II. Report from the State Library

Kirstin reported that she traveled with GPO to nine libraries in five days.  She and Jamie plan  to visit all Ohio Depositories in next few years.  Youngtown, Steubenville, Northeast and far East (WV) libraries.  See GPO Facebook for pictures.  List will come later.

The State Library building is being renovated. They are doing carpeting after Thanksgiving, so she will be displaced for a while. Then, they will renovate the other half of building (that is, the parts for patrons and the catalogers).

Missy Loge retired, Evan Struble is her successor.  Evan’s position is vacant, they are interviewing.

III. Membership Committee

Peter had nothing to report.  When Lorna retired, she gave him the email with the information the committee needed to know.  SaraJean requested a copy.  Membership committee’s task is to promulgate form letter to all non-GODORT librarians, inviting them to the upcoming meeting and to join the organization.  It wasn’t sent this time.  The committee will be working on additional recruiting.

IV. Website Committee

SaraJean will be cleaning up website, giving officers access.

V. Newsletter

Hannah sent the newsletter.  Ella will be assisting going forward.

VI. Digital Collection

Allen has access to working group workspace, got access from Shari. Haven’t done anything else.

VII. ALA Liaison

Kirstin didn’t do GODORT ALA activities this year.

VIII. OhioLINK Liaison

User Services no longer exists.   We need to send a proposal to eliminate this position in the bylaws.

IX. Archives: Nothing to report

XI. Strategic Planning

Nothing to report, SaraJean will follow up with Carol

XII. Report from FDLC

Sarah said there was a change in structure.  She went to Natural History Day and another specialty presentation.

Ella went to “Auditing Government Collection” and “Docs in College” (promoting government documents in colleges) presentations.

Kirstin said the Title 44 updates are stalled, but she is optimistic that they will move forward.

Mary said that the online version of the meeting didn’t give much of a choice about what sessions were available.  Kirstin said it was probably a financial issue

XIII. New Business:  FDLP eXchange

Most libraries have switched to FDLP ExChange. Kirstin said it was helpful to regionals.

SaraJean said that, in batch uploads, MM-DD-YYY was not working. Ella said it should work, but it had not been working for her, either.

Next Meeting:  May 17, 2019 at the State Library.


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