Spring 2018 Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Government Documents Round Table of Ohio
Spring Meeting – May 4, 2018
State Library of Ohio (Columbus, OH)

In Attendance

Sarah Dobransky, Roger Kosson. Kirstin Krumsee, Elissa Lawrence, Carol Ottolenghi, Hannah Pearson, SaraJean Petite, Allen Reichert, Mary Ann Ries, Ella Shurr


Featured Speaker

Lynnette Cook of Thought Well (Columbus, Ohio) gave a presentation “Data Lovers 101.”

Federal Depository Library Conference Discussion

  • “Government Documents” are now “Information Dissemination Products.”
  • GPO will have authority to demand IDPs from government information providers.
  • The preservation steward program will allows regional depositories to weed if there are four geographically dispersed libraries that have made a commitment to retaining a given title.
  • GPO is having trouble finding a host for FDLP EXchange, so there is a delay in implementation.
  • Other presentations included: Disaster preparedness, 211 (hotline for social services information), and succession planning for when a Gov Docs librarian leaves an institution.

Post-Program discussion

  • Depository posters that are in another collection within a library are still FDLP property, so their disposal is governed by Title 44.
  • AuntBertha.com is a site where people can “search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.”

Business Meeting

  • Ohio GODORT Digital Collection Committee: Allen reported that Shari was the leader of the Committee, and she left. He said he would try to contact her to get access to the committee web page.  The committee had been digitizing materials and making them available online when OhioLINK DRC went offline.  Robert recommended getting in touch with Mary Prophet. Kirsten said that SLO and GPO are DPLA hubs, so Kirsten will talk with Allen after the meeting.
  • ALA Liaison:  ALA is currently planning for Depository legislation.
  • OhioLINK Liaison:  Christine Adams told SaraJean that OhioLINK disbanded the User services committee.  Allen said that User Services has been replaced by ten or more communities of interest. There was a suggestion that someone propose a Gov Docs community of interest, which would have a listserv, and perhaps a libguide. There was a discussion about whether at Community of interest would be redundant, as it would be the same people as are in other committees.
  • Archives Liaison: Kirsten said there was nothing to report.
  • Newsletter Editor Report: Sarajean reported that Carol Singer, the Newsletter Editor, is retiring.  Hannah said she would be interested in being on the newsletter committee, and possibly taking over as Editor. Ella volunteered to assist Hannah.
  • Secretary/Treasurer Report: SaraJean read the previous minutes out loud, and they were approved.
  • Oil and Gas Commission:  SaraJean reported that CWRU Law Library was in the process of adding the Oil and Gas Commission opinions to its BePress repository.  The site, which is still in development, is at:  https://scholarlycommons.law.case.edu/oil_and_gas/
  • Ohio Department of Transportation Library: The State Library of Ohio received the Ohio Department of Transportation’s library.
  • Elections: Sarajean was elected program chair/chair elect

Strategic Planning Discussion

Strategic Planning Committee Coordinator Carol Ottolenghi led the group in a discussion of this group’s purpose.  She asked some questions:

What’s valuable about this group?

  • At the meetings, there is more communication, librarians talking with each other, finding commonalities, and communicating with regional.
  • Meeting face-to-face gives a sense of sense of community, and enables people to match faces with names
  • Allen – make sure committed, engaged, community connection
  • As established librarians leave, new librarians need mentors, need to know who can help. Others said knowing who the real-life person is makes people more comfortable picking up the phone or sending an e-mail.
  • Easier to describe in person
  • easier to tune out stuff that is online.

Ideas for meetings

  • Possibly have a webinar in addition to the in-person meeting.
  • Encourage people to do a “dry run” on presentations they are doing at other conferences.
  • Agency Seminar: Following the model of the FDLP’s Inter-agency Depository Seminary, invite presenters from government agencies to come and talk about their information products.


  • Carol will be sending the membership a letter asking them what would make it worth their while to attend GODORT meetings and asking them to get their administration on board.

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