Lorna’s Follow-Up E-Mail

After the meeting, Lorna forwarded an e-mail from her colleague, Jeff Crawford.  His e-mail contained screen shots and technical instructions.  Those who have questions may contact Jeff via our web form.

Export the 776 $w subfields from the 856 list (Bib has 856, other local customizing process already completed)

Open exported .txt file

Use Text editor’s features to edit to

1. one subfield per line:  change “;” to line break, remove ” from beginning and end of lines

2. sort and dedup so that all DLC numbers are grouped together, followed by OCoLC numbers

3. Remove the DLC lines from the file

Sort again

The file now has  711 lines, each line is a unique OCLC number

Move edited file into the folder with the Python script

We use PUTTY to work within UCFileSpace

Open session, sign in and navigate to the folder

follow prompts to assign to a list slot, name file, and define the search

The script performs OCLC number searches in the database, records the bib record number of matching hits, then populates the list

29 matching records in list slot 58

Sort by Bib Loc, and BIB SUDOC, dedup

“Apply saved list” to email


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