Meeting Minutes: Spring 2022

The meeting took place on Thursday, May 19, 2022 via Zoom

In Attendance: Mark Gooch, Hanna Pearson, Elissa Lawrence, SaraJean Petite, Mary Ries, Ella Shurr, Peter Thayer

  1. Secretary/Treasurer Report:
    • There is $3,213.72 in the bank account. There have been no change since last meeting.
    • The Fall 2021 minutes are unavailable because SaraJean missed the meeting (COVID-19), and when she went to write the minutes, she discovered she had downloaded the incorrect Zoom recording and Zoom had deleted the recording of the meeting. She is reconstructing the minutes and they will be presented for approval at the Fall 2022 meeting.
    • Subject to approval of the motion to add FDLP’s Ohio Regional Coordinator of the checking account, SaraJean will be going to Columbus on June 16, 2022 to add Elissa to the account and deliver paper documents to the GODORT of Ohio archive at the State Library of Ohio.
    • Dues may be mailed to: SaraJean Petite, P.O. Box 161172, Rocky River, OH, 44116. The board is still working on getting Venmo set up.
  2. Motion to add FDLP’s Ohio Regional Coordinator as Signatory on Checking Account
    • There has been a regularly-recurring logistical problem when it is time to add the incoming treasurer to the account. Adding the Ohio Regional Coordinator will ensure that the farthest anyone needs to drive for an account change is Columbus.
    • SaraJean moved for a vote to modify the bylaws. Hannah seconded the motion. The vote took place during the election (see below).
    • Text of Motion
  3. Dues Discussion
    • Hannah suggested GODORT of Ohio explore the no-dues model that Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians has.
    • Mark and Elissa suggested that, in lieu of dues, we charge a registration fee for in-person conferences, but have online programs be free.
    • The board will discuss this and present a proposal at the next meeting.
  4. Ideas for making membership more beneficial
    • Monthly virtual “lunch break” where we have someone talk for 15 minutes about a new database or other resource that person has found.
    • YouTube channel for archiving “lunch breaks” and other programs.
    • Reach out to Indiana, and Michigan GODORT and see what they are doing and if they’re interested in joint programming. This might start as virtual, then grow to in-person,
  5. Adding web communication person to executive board
    • SJ will draft the language. General consensus is that this person would be appointed, and work with the newsletter editor.
  6. Elections
    • Ella Shurr volunteered to run for Secretary/Treasurer.
    • SaraJean volunteered to run for Program Chair.
    • Peter moved to accept the slate, SaraJean seconded it.
    • Voting was via Google Polls
    • The results were as follows:
      • Adding Coordinator as Signatory: Pass (7-0)
      • Treasurer Report Approved (7-0)
      • Elect Ella as Secretary/Treasurer (7-0)
      • Elect SaraJean as Program Chair (7-0)
  7. Adjourn
    • Peter and Hannah simultaneously moved to adjourn.

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