Meeting Minutes: Spring 2019

Business Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2019

  1. In attendance: Sarah Dobransky, Albert Hallenberg, Roger Kosson, Kirstin Krumsee, Elissa Lawrence, Nicole Merriman, Akram Pari, SaraJean Petite, Allen Reichert, Mary Ann Ries, Ella Shurr, Peter Thayer.
  2. Library Security
    1. In a discussion about library security, it was mentioned that, about a decade ago, some students snuck a slip ‘n’ slide into Kelvin Smith Library (CWRU) and took some video.  Here it is: (the actual prank begins at 12:00 on the recording)
  3. Secretary / Treasurer Report (SaraJean)
    1. Mary moved that the minutes from the previous meeting be approved.  Allen seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
    2. SaraJean reported that the food expenses for the meeting were $154.90 and $140 in dues were collected, making the ending balance $3186.72.  Sarah moved the treasurer report be approved. Allen seconded the motion. The treasurer report was approved.
  4. Report from the State Library (Kirstin)
    1. The transition from the listserv to FDLP exchange is going smoothly. The deadline for the transition is July 1.
    2. The following updates to Ohio Revised Code Section 149.11 are pending:
      1. It is OK for [the government?] to send documents digitally.
      2. Agencies must submit either 50 paper copies or a digital version of documents.
      3. Because state documents are already public records, they are not subject to public records requests.
    3. Staff changes
      1. Kirstin is moving from Government Documents to a government affairs position.
      2. The role of Regional Depository Coordinator for Ohio’s 51 federal depository libraries is moving to Elissa Lawrence and her supervisor Nicole Merriman in our Research and Catalog Services Department. Both have extensive experience with government documents and have many things to offer to the Federal Depository Library Program. Elissa ( will be the named Regional Coordinator and will be able to answer your questions going forward.
  5. Membership Committee: Nothing to report
  6. Website (SaraJean)
    1. All of the current officers have been sent invitations for edit permissions.
    2. SaraJean did some updating
  7. Newsletter (SaraJean and Sarah)
    1. Hannah sent out the spring newsletter via email.
    2. Hannah just got permissions to edit the website, and plans to add the newsletter to the website soon.
  8. Digital Collection (Allen)
    1. The committee is still in the process of deciding what it wants to do. They intend to send information to the group and make a decision on how to move forward.
    2. SaraJean said she would add the digital collection to the website menu.
    3. Kirstin said that the plan for a virtual version of OAC’s predecessor stalled because Ohio GODORT applied for a grant and did not get it.  Someone said that we might want to revisit the project anyway.
  9. ALA Liaison (Kirstin)
    1. Kirstin said that she has not been to ALA since the last GODORT of Ohio meeting.
  10. OhioLink Liaison
    1. SaraJean explained that, at the last meeting, we agreed that this position needed to be removed from the bylaws.  Mary moved that it be eliminated, Allen seconded the motion, and the position was eliminated.
  11. Archive Liaison (Kirstin): Nothing to report
  12. Strategic Planning (SaraJean): Nothing to report
  13. Elections
    1. Because the Nominating committee had not prepared a slate prior to the election, there was a motion to waive the bylaws provision calling for a prior release of the slate.  Mary made the motion, Allen seconded it, and the bylaws provision was waived.
    2. Akram was elected to serve as Program Chair / Chair elect
  14. Upcoming Meetings
    1. November 22, 2019 at State Library
    2. May 15, 2020 at State Library

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