Ohio Depository Anniversaries

We have many federal depositories of long-standing here in Ohio, and over the past few years, we have begun to celebrate some of these significant anniversaries. (NOTE: The Date Designated is the official date used by the GPO, but most depository librarians who have researched their history have found discrepancies in the date.)

Depository Date Designated Anniversary (Year)
Bowling Green State University 1933 75th (2008)
Cleveland State University Law Library 1978 30th (2008)
Kenyon College 1873 135th (2008)
Oberlin College 1858 150th (2008)
Ohio Supreme Court 1973 35th (2008)
Clark County Public Library 1884 125th (2009)
Dayton Metro Library 1909 100th (2009)
Denison University 1884 125th (2009)
Hiram College 1874 135th (2009)
Marietta College 1884 125th (2009)
Miami University 1909 100th (2009)
Ohio State University, Law Library 1984 25th (2009)
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County 1884 125th (2009)
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library 1884 125th (2009)
Worthington Public Library 1984 25th (2009)
Columbus Metropolitan Library 1885 125th (2010)
Ohio Northern University 1965 45th (2010)
Ohio Wesleyan University 1845 165th (2010)
Wright State University 1965 45th (2010)

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